4 Colour Combinations for Your Driveway

25 Mar 2024

When the time comes to deciding on the colour of your new concrete driveway, you may take inspiration from your neighbours, friends, relatives, social media or television. Once you choose a colour you can never go back – unless you are willing to resurface your driveway (which can be expensive). 

As a safe option, many homeowners stick with classic colours such as greys. However, choosing a single basic colour can make your driveway appear flat or dull. Adding another colour creates a two-tone or contrasting effect. In driveway design, one colour acts as the primary colour and is applied to the base of the driveway. Meanwhile, the other colour acts as the secondary colour and is applied around the edges or to highlight any steps on the driveway. 

With that in mind, we wanted to share more ideas on driveway design. Continue reading as we discuss 4 beautiful colour combinations for your concrete driveway.

1) Charcoal & Grey

Firstly, charcoal and grey is an underrated combination. These two colours are both cool-toned and will create a beautiful duo. It offers a classic and minimal look to your driveway, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. Charcoal borders or accents against a grey base offers enough contrast to make a statement while still maintaining a clean aesthetic.  

2) Buff & Charcoal

Charcoal and grey are not your only options. Instead, you can switch out the grey for a beige colour. Buff, also referred to as gold or desert sand, is a light yellow with hues of brown. To the eye, this colour looks vibrant yet natural, as it blends in seamlessly with other surroundings. Buff also adds a brightening effect to your driveway, even on a dull cloudy day while charcoal edging gives a polished result. 

3) Red & Grey

Many homeowners opt for a red and grey driveway. Red can be used as the primary or secondary colour, whatever your preference is. If you choose red as the primary colour with grey edging, it will add colour and life to the front of your home. If you want a more subtle result, choose grey as the primary colour and red edging offers a pop of colour.

4) Terracotta & Charcoal

You may or may not know terracotta is a trending colour in garden design for 2024, so why not incorporate this colour onto your driveway? Some homeowners classify terracotta as red. However, terracotta is considered a deep burnt orange with a hint of brown, which is ideal for those who want a vibrant effect, but something not as intense as red. Because terracotta is warm-toned, pairing it with a cool-toned accent colour like charcoal will create a striking and eye-catching effect.

Coloured Concrete Driveways in Wolverhampton

Whatever colour combination you decide on, make sure to get your concrete driveway installed by Cobblecrete Ltd. Not only do we install coloured concrete driveways, but also patterned driveways to give the illusion of slate paving or cobblestone without the high cost. Our team of driveway installers are highly skilled in laying, colouring and imprinting concrete, so much that your neighbours or visitors wouldn’t not know the difference!

For more information on our coloured and patterned concrete driveways, visit our FAQs page. To read more about what driveway colours we offer, read here. If you wish to see examples of driveway transformations, visit our gallery. For any other enquiries, please speak to us today via phone or email