Fact or Fiction for Driveways?

1/ The surface is sealed and therefore slippery FICTION – for the last 6 years we have used a product called rhino grip, it is mixed with the lacquer to make it an anti-slip surface.  Rhino grip is a transparent polymer giving a sand-like grip to the surface.  (NO doubt certain cowboy firms may cut this corner giving rise to this unfair reputation.)

2/ If your water or gas main bursts underneath the Cobblecrete Ltd, the damage created by the repair cannot be fixed.  FICTION  (a gas repair remedial normally takes 2-3 hours) and can be blended to barely notice. Please see repairs on our picture page

Here at Cobblecrete, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have been involved in thousands of individual projects in the past quarter of a century. We are able to stand by our assurances of a high working standard and an unsurpassed knowledge of the product. We are able to produce very positive testimonials and numerous excellent examples of our work throughout the West Midlands.

Imprinted Concrete is a method used for laying high strength concrete and applying both the chosen colour and pattern to the surface of the mix in situ. Provided it is laid correctly there are many advantages for using this product on driveways, patios, paths, pool surrounds or any other area requiring a suitable hard standing.

To make our services the best around, we supply driveways in Wightwick, Wolverhampton, Codsall, and Tettenhall!

Advantages of using imprinted concrete

  • A solid fibre-mesh reinforced concrete slab laid on a good sub-base,  will not sink or spread.
  • The impermeable surface enables us to take rainwater into the sub-strata at the locations we wish it to do so – satisfying both environmental issues and the needs of the property.
  • The sealed surface is not porous – therefore permanent staining is preventable.
  • The speedy installation is usually finished within 1 week.


Why Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

An Imprinted Concrete drive Patio is so much more than merely a solid slab of concrete giving you somewhere flat to put your furniture and stay off the wet grass. So, why especially, a Patterned Concrete patio?

  • With such a huge variety of Colours and Patterns, the paving will blend in Pattern Imprinted patio with split levels. harmoniously and become part of the landscape, as if it had been there for years.
  • Any unsightly drainage features such as manhole covers which have previously hampered the appearance of the garden will be very well disguised.
  • Peculiar levels and ugly peripherals can be catered for within the project’s design by incorporating split levels and steps.
  • Your new Pattern Imprinted Patio Can look as old or new as you wish, depending on the type of sealed finish it is given.
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete is low maintenance and easy to clean, it is also very resilient to gathering moss. 


The design of the steps within the project is important as they will often turn out to be the most focal point of the installation.

Quite often in our Patterned Concrete projects, the step-work, no matter how small or complex, will draw more attention and positive approval, than all other aspects of the installation.

Our product lends itself to tremendous versatility as our experienced crew can carve practically any shape imaginable out of concrete.

Multi-blend Colour Schemes

This is where more than one base colour is chosen to add an extra dimension.

Alternating Colour and Patterns

Alternating the various shades and designs within the installation can create a whole new facet to the project. Design features can also be used to hide the straight cuts (Crack Control Joints).

Drainage Features

The use of recessed manhole covers and drains, whilst not so much enhancing features, can disguise and bring order to those necessary parts of the property that you would rather not see.


Do I Need Planning Permission for my new Driveway?

You won’t need planning permission if your new or replacement concrete driveway is designed to let rainwater drain naturally via or a border or your lawn.
When you will need planning permission is if you want to cover an area of more than five metres or you plan to have a non-permeable driveway installed; meaning your driveway’s rainwater will run onto the nearby roads which won’t impress your local authorities.

The only other instance where planning permission may be necessary is if you live in a listed building as you will require listed building consent. Similarly, if you live in a conservation area you won’t be able to make certain changes and alterations without prior permission.
We would recommend talking to your local planning office to double-check before starting work on your new driveway design.


Will a new Driveway Increase the Value of My Home?

Having a high quality and durable driveway installed by Cobblecrete can add between 5 and 10 per cent of value to your home; dependant on your location.
Factors that affect the value are things such as the number of cars you can fit on your drive and how well it blends with your property and surroundings.


Can Pattern Imprinted Concrete Surfaces Crack?

A poor sub-base installation can lead to instability beneath a concrete surface.

Exposure to warmer and colder weather will cause contraction and expansion, much like all other materials. This may, in turn, cause ‘hairline’ cracks to appear.

Pattern imprinted concrete surfaces are monolithic, as they are laid as one slab, meaning it is important to cut control expansion joints to roughly 25% depth of the surface. This will minimise the risks of cracks appearing in the surface.


Do Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Fade?

During the installation of pattern imprinted concrete driveways, colour is added to the surface of freshly laid concrete. In this stage of the installation, it is important that colour is laid consistently which prevents any uneven patches of colour.

An ‘even spread’ of colour helps to ensure an outstanding finish to your new driveway.

UV exposure from the sun can cause fading but Acrylic-based sealers are applied during the final stages of driveway installation to protect against this. Cobblecrete would highly recommend ‘resealing’ an area every few years to maintain protection.


Will Access to My Home Be Restricted During Driveway Installation?

Access is not an issue during the preparation stage for your new driveway. On the day our installation team is pouring, access will be restricted as it will be freshly laid concrete. There are a number of options for access, such as removing fence panels to get to your home via neighbours plus using them as platforms and boards.


How Can the Weather Impact My Driveway Installation?

Summer is generally considered the best time to have a new driveway laid if the weather stays dry.
The only time a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio installation should not be considered during extreme changes in temperature. During freezing conditions, water in the concrete mix will freeze.
Alternatively, extremely hot conditions will ‘set’ the concrete mix extremely quickly and be too problematic to ensure colour penetration.


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