30 Years Of High-Quality Service

In 2022, Cobblecrete celebrated its 30th birthday.

In those 30 years, we have provided our clients in the West Midlands with high-quality surfaces for a range of businesses, including domestic properties, industrial car parks, stable blocks, airports, fast food drive-throughs and pub car parks.

An Experienced Surface Provider

With age comes experience, and Cobblecrete has that in spades. 

Today, we’re bigger than ever. We provide concrete driveways in Birmingham, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Codsall, and Wightwick with unusual and unique patterned concrete driveways and patios designs –  using pattern imprinted concrete.

So how can we help you make the decision to choose to have a concrete imprinted driveway or patio?

Are You Looking For a Durable Surfacing Material?

We use high-strength fibre reinforced concrete (reaching 30-40 Newton after 28 days). The concrete is laid to an average depth of 100mm. It will not sink or dip in time and rather than grow weaker it actually strengthens over time.

The concrete is also air-entrained to help it deal with the most severe temperatures in the winter months. The colour surface hardener which is applied to the surface makes it stronger than a standard concrete surface. On top of all that the surface is then coated with an anti-slip acrylic sealant, preventing spoiling from spillages such as oil.

Are You Looking For a Low Maintenance Product?

Simply get your installation resealed every 2-6 years. This will protect driveways in Tettenhall from any deterioration and keep mould and algae at bay. Resealing is something we offer but is also a fairly simple DIY chore. Please look at the picture of a 16-year-old driveway looking as good as the day it was laid after a reseal.

Can you imagine block paving or tarmac looking as good after 16 years? It would more likely be sinking and pooling, and covered with weeds,

Are You Looking For a Flexible Material?

With a massive range of designs, colours and patterns, a project can be tailored to the needs of absolutely any type of property.

Shapes of Patios to Consider

If you’re struggling for inspiration for the design of your new patio, here are some shapes to consider –

Square or Rectangle

Considered a simple and versatile option, this shape of the patio is chosen frequently by homeowners who regularly host gatherings for large numbers of people. You can also use this as an outdoor seating area or to complement decking in your garden

Round or Circular

Give your garden a smooth and rounded look, you can attach your patterned patio to your home or install it elsewhere in your garden as a unique feature. Round patios are popular as outdoor dining areas or for seating

Bespoke shape

Patios can actually be designed to any custom shape, including multiple curves or sharp and jutting angles if that’s your preference. Highlighting a modernised patio design, they can be a more relaxed and casual space

The advantage of a concrete patterned patio is you can replicate the look of stone or brick designs but have a durable surface that requires minimal maintenance.

Do I Need Planning Permission? 

Adding outdoor living space to your property is a great way to increase the value of your property, in case you decide to move in the future.

You won’t require planning permission for any size of patio design providing –

  • They are created within your current land and don’t include a field or other open land next to your home
  • Your patio doesn’t exceed 40cm in height, above or below the existing ground level

Contact Cobblecrete Today

If you’ve got any questions about our paths, patios, or concrete print driveways in Birmingham, please contact Cobblecrete today. Our dedicated team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.