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Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

01 Oct 2020

When it comes to improving your home, there is plenty of focus on the inside of properties but the exteriors are what can really drive up the home’s value. One of the biggest parts of this is your driveway, which is often the first thing visitors see. If your driveway has seen better days, you may be thinking of having a new one installed, but which is better, asphalt or concrete driveways?

Both concrete and asphalt are popular materials for driveways, and for this blog, Cobblecrete will outline the differences between the two and why we think concrete driveways are superior.

What Are Concrete and Asphalt Made From?

Concrete and asphalt both have a gravel base and are essentially a mixture of sand and stone. Different adhesives are used to hold the components together, which is their main difference. Concrete is comprised of water, sand, cement and aggregates whereas asphalt is comprised of crushed rock, sand, tar or gravel.

Appearance and Design

Asphalt is known for its dark, textured look with options limited to grey or black. This is because asphalt does not take well to stamping, etching, tinting or colouring. Concrete, however, offers flexibility when it comes to appearance and design as it takes well to staining, etching, tinting, stamping and colouring. This means you can achieve the desired look to complement your home.


Asphalt driveways cost less than concrete ones but they do require more maintenance meaning it is not a long term solution. Concrete does not require sealing and will save homeowners money in the long run because of its lack of maintenance required.


Asphalt driveways, on average last up to 20 years, whereas concrete driveways can last up to 40 years with the correct maintenance.

Installation Process

Following the installation of both concrete and asphalt take time to cure before they can be driven on. Concrete takes several days to cure, whereas asphalt takes just a few hours. While you will need to wait longer for concrete to cure, the quality and durability cannot be denied.

Typically, a driveway installation from Cobblecrete will take a week.

Concrete Driveways from Cobblecrete

If you would like to know more about concrete driveways, contact Cobblecrete today and we can answer any questions.