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Cleaning and Maintaining Imprinted Concrete Surfaces

01 Dec 2020

One of the most frequent questions we receive here at Cobblecrete is; do I need to clean imprinted concrete surfaces?

We are the leading driveways and patio installers across Wolverhampton, meaning we know the best cleaning methods. Simply take a pressure washer with a broom jet and wash the surface at low pressure and your driveway or patio will look brand new in no time.

One of the main advantages of cleaning is that the concrete itself will never get exposed to the elements and vehicle use due to the sealant. Cleaning these surfaces will remove harmful particles that could penetrate the sealer and damage the concrete.

Telltale Signs Your Driveway or Patio Needs Cleaning

If you have a pattern imprinted concrete surface, make sure it has a sealant top up every three to five years.

Here are some telltale signs it could need cleaning –

  • Fading colour
  • Algae start to take root as the concrete lose its water-resistant coating
  • Oil stains begin to penetrate into the concrete
  • Corrosion of concrete

The Process of Cleaning and Resealing Explained

Using a pressure washer at low pressure on the surface of the pattern imprinted concrete will clean any dust, dirt and algae from the driveway or patio using soap and water. You can also add a fungicide and a power wash for a more aggressive washing then use clean water to wash away the dirt and let it dry.

Apply a degreasing agent to remove oil spills or stains and use the broom to apply the sealer onto the dry surface. Make sure the sealer does not pool in the imprinted joints and apply several thin coats one after the other with each coat building on the previous one.

Leave the sealer to soak and be absorbed into the concrete surface and let it dry before applying the next coat. When applying the final coat of sealer also add anti-slip additive because the sealer can become slippery at this point.

Cobblecrete would recommend not using the driveway for a few days after cleaning and resealing.

Got any Questions? Get in Touch Now

If you have any questions about cleaning your imprinted concrete driveways, please contact us now.