Concrete driveways in Wolverhampton

Cobblecrete Create Unique Driveways in Wolverhampton

15 May 2019

Driveways in Wolverhampton from Cobblecrete will instantly transform a tired exterior into a vibrant space.
Using our years of experience we can create stunning designs that can blend different patterns and colours to stunning effect.
Once you’ve decided how you want your driveway to look, our construction team can begin turning this into a reality using these seven steps –

  1. Excavation – Driveways require a deeper excavation than patios or walkways due to the load of the vehicles. This can be around 14 inches, but this will vary from property to property depending on the type of soil. Clay soils require more whereas sandy soil require less excavation.
  2. Base Material – The driveway area will now be filled with the base material (usually roadstone) that’s free draining so water moves away from the surface. The roadstone will also need to be extended 6 inches beyond the edge of the driveway. We will then test to see if this is strong enough to handle vehicle loads.
  3. Laying the Concrete – Next, we will lay the concrete on a polythene membrane then we will vibrate and level it before smoothing it out. For the standard driveway, the concrete is usually between 100mm and 125mm thick.
  4. Add some colour – Now we will add coloured surface hardener plus we can mix up different colours for a truly unique effect.
  5. Topping it off – Topping is then mixed onto the surface before edges are formed and borders are marked out before a final polish with a steel trowel.
  6. Imprinting Begins – We will start creating your pattern using imprinting mats then it’s time to leave your new patterned driveway to set.
  7. Joint cutting – Once the concrete has set, we will begin cutting movement joints then pressure spraying the first coat of lacquer which allows the colour effects to start shining through. Our installation team will carry on adding coats until finally sealing joints with mastic.

Choosing to work with Cobblecrete is a guarantee of the high-quality service for driveway installation in the Black Country. Get a better idea of our previous work in our Gallery.

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