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What Different Concrete Driveways Patterns Are Available?

15 Oct 2020

Choosing the right pattern for new concrete driveways can be a challenge, but Cobblecrete is here to give you a better insight into which pattern will work best for you.

In this blog, we will talk you through numerous pattern options and their qualities.

11 Concrete Driveways Patterns To Choose From

Here are 11 different imprinted concrete patterns to consider for your new driveway –

London Cobble – This pattern has a traditional lightly textured cobblestone pattern.

Ashlar Cut Slate – Stones with a slate surface, in an Ashlar pattern.

Random Stone – Heavily textured pattern that has random fieldstones.

Running Bond New Brick – A running bond pattern with smooth joints.

Herringbone New Brick – This wire-cut common brick texture has sharp corners with few indentations across the surface.

Grand Ashlar – Stones of various shapes and sizes laid in an Ashlar pattern, with a slate texture.

European Fan – An elegant fan pattern that consists of slightly curved rectangular slate stones.

Fractured Cyprus Slate – Heavy in texture, the joints on this pattern have a fractured split edge.

Stones of Athens – Limestone, marble and granite are used together, detailing the fine craftsmanship of ancient Greece.

Rough Stone Texture – A natural stone texture characterised by a continuous coarse surface.

Sanded Slate Texture – This is similar to the slate texture with the addition of a lightly sanded appearance across the entire texture field.

Talk to the Experts

If you are looking to add one of these patterns for your imprinted concrete driveway, please do not hesitate to contact Cobblecrete today. We are Wolverhampton’s leading provider of concrete driveways with nearly 30 years of industry experience.

Don’t take our word for it though, here is a recent testimonial from customer Barbie Dawson –

“Recommend Eddie and the boys 110%. They are a great team, work hard and our drive is now maintenance-free and looks amazing.”