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Divine Garden Patio Designs from Cobblecrete

10 Jun 2019

Put your stamp on not just your driveway but your new garden patio with Cobblecrete’s unique design service.
All of our patterned concrete driveways and patios are bespoke to our customer’s requirements, making them truly unique plus they can match your home and garden’s already established the design.

Things to Consider for your New Garden Patio

Now you’ve decided you want a new garden patio, there are just a few points to consider before it can become a visually stunning reality.
Firstly you will need to look at how much space you really have to work with, as this will help you decide which pattern design will work best.
Next, you need to decide how much of your garden you want to become your new patio. For instance, you could choose a chic patio that is smaller but incorporates an eye-catching pattern to impress your guests.

One of the best ways to decide on your style of the patio is knowing what you’d like to use it for, whether it’s for socialising, hosting barbeques or just your own personal outdoor space.
The advantage of a concrete patterned patio is you can replicate the look of stone or brick designs but have a durable surface that requires minimal maintenance.
Adding outdoor living space to your property is also a great way to increase the value of your property, in case you decide to move in the future.

Work with Cobblecrete to Create Dreamy Garden Patios

Our team of specialists offer a free measuring and home assessment so we can share our years of experience in delivering eye-catching patios and driveways in Wolverhampton.
Our patterned concrete is available in a range of colours plus it’s designed to stand up to all kinds of weather.
If you’d like to know more about our patio and driveway designs, please get in touch today.