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Maintain Driveways in Codsall With These Tips

14 Dec 2018

Keeping driveways in Codsall in the best condition isn’t as difficult as it sounds; here’s some top maintenance tips and how Cobblecrete can help.

Crack Prevention
We prevent damage to your driveway by making sure your concrete is sealed to stop water from penetrating, freezing and cracking. Here at Cobblecrete we would recommend have this looked at every 2-3 years

Deal with Cracks Immediately
Our driveways in Codsall are designed to last, but if holes and cracks start to appear in your driveway you need to have them patched up immediately. We would use a masonry chisel to remove loose materials and brush out the debris before applying a crack filler and patching compound.

Keep Water Away
When designing driveways in Codsall we will clear a two to three inch strip around the outside to provide run off space for water and snow.

Don’t Use Salt on Cement
Do not use cement salt and de-icer in the winter months, as it can penetrate driveways and cause cracks. Instead of salting the Cobblecrete team recommend you use a shovel to remove snow and use alternatives such as sand, coffee grounds or kitty litter to make the surface less slippery.

What’s the Best Kind of Shovel for Clearing Your Driveway?
When clearing your driveway of snow or leaves our team would recommend using a plastic shovel on uneven surfaces, as it significantly reduces the risk of catching and causing chips and damage.

Clean Driveways in Codsall regularly

Make sure you remove stains on your driveway caused by motor oil and radiator fluid as they will affect the appearance.
Keeping your driveway clean regularly will save you plenty of work down the line and enhance your curb appeal and could bring big returns if you decide to move on in the future.

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The Cobblecrete team have been imprinting driveways in Codsall and the surrounding areas including Wolverhampton and Tettenhall since 1992. Our team has a wealth of experience in driveway and paving installation and we can help to take your property on to a new level.

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