Concrete driveways in Wolverhampton

Concrete Driveways in Wolverhampton – The Facts

21 Nov 2019

As the leading installer of concrete driveways in Wolverhampton, the team at Cobblecrete know a thing or two about all things driveways.

We often get asked many different questions about concrete driveways in Wolverhampton, so here’s some of the most common and all of the answers.

Questions about concrete driveways in Wolverhampton

If my water or gas mains burst underneath my concrete driveway, can it be fixed?

Yes it can, gas remedials usually take up to 2-3 hours.

Can a reinforced concrete slab laid on a good sub-base sink or spread?

A solid fibre-mesh reinforced concrete slab installed by Cobblecrete will not sink or spread when laid on a good sub-base.

Can rainwater affect by concrete driveway?

The impermeable surface of concrete driveways from Cobblecrete enables rainwater in locations it has been designed for by our team. This satisfies the needs of your property as well as having environmental benefits too.

Can you remove eyesores drainage features such as manholes?

Imprinted concrete driveways in Wolverhampton from Cobblecrete can cleverly disguise features such as manholes, making your driveway design flawless.

Are pattern imprinted concrete driveways easy to clean?

Imprinted concrete driveways from Cobblecrete are very resilient to gathering moss as well as being easy to clean.

Can my driveway be multicoloured?

Yes it can. Adding more than one base colour to your concrete driveways in Wolverhampton adds a unique spin to the design and will certainly turn visitors heads.

Talk to us about concrete driveways in Wolverhampton

So now we have dispelled some of your fears about concrete driveways in Wolverhampton, we would love to hear your ideas and how our design and installation teams can add value to your property.

Contact us today and we can share some over 25 years experience in the driveway and paving installation business and start the journey to giving you a driveway like no other.