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Fantastic Florentine Concrete Driveways in Wightwick

22 May 2019

Florentine concrete driveways in Wightwick designed by Cobblecrete will give your outdoor space a refreshing twist and touch of style.

This type of driveway design has been popular with our customers for many years and although considered a complicated installation we have repeatedly made light work of it.

Since the 1980’s the popularity of imprinted concrete driveways has only grown in both domestic and commercial properties with little maintenance required compared to cobblestone and slate alternatives.

Considerations for Concrete Driveways in Wightwick

Sometimes referred to as Belgian pattern, the Florentine driveway originated in Europe before making its way to the UK and is now frequently used on a variety of properties.

Before considering this type of driveway here’s some advice to think about –

• To do your driveway justice we’d recommend putting a large area (at least 3 metres wide) aside so the pattern can be fully realised.

• If you have limited space, then smaller units of 100x100mm can still provide stunning results

• Fans laid with contrasting colours such as a silver-grey granite and black basalt will look spectacular given the room to flourish

Our expert installation team will use a number of wedge-shaped or trapezoidal setts to prevent the joints from becoming too wide. Then we will set out a rough design of the Florentine pattern and create a template that will be mirrored across the driveway.

According to research from Virgin, an attractive driveway can also add between 5 and 10% to the value of your property (roughly £22,000 based on the average home price), in case you are considering improvements before moving.

Concrete Driveways in Wightwick Transform Properties

Here at Cobblecrete we have worked on a wide range of properties, from homes to business to even fast food and drink drive-throughs.

Boasting over 25 years of experience servicing areas such as Wolverhampton, Wombourne, Bridgnorth, Tettenhall and Codsall we can offer you a bespoke service that will match your expectations and established property design.

If you’d like to know more about how we transform driveways in Wightwick please get in touch today.