Finding the Right Colour For Your Imprinted Concrete Driveway

22 Dec 2021

It’s natural that you want your new driveway to fit the rest of your house. You also want your new driveway to make a statement – one that says, ‘look at me. I am pristine.’ How to get there, though, is different for different people.

Some people would like a driveway that almost disappears into the road and landscape – almost as though it’s a part of the road. Other people would like a driveway that represents them as people, one that marks a definite demarcation between the road and the driveway. No doubt, the best option for both is a coloured driveway.

Coloured concrete driveways can be both conservative and provocative. They can help personalise your space and help your driveway blend into the surroundings. In order to help you choose the right colour for your new imprinted concrete driveway, we’ve put together this short article. Scroll down to see some of our colour options.


Buff is a bright, golden-yellow colour that stands out compared to the more traditional charcoal or grey roads. It looks fantastic in summer – where the colour’s close proximity to white means that it can reflect a lot of sunlight upwards. During winter months, this quality can help increase visibility when sunlight is low.


Red is another colour that stands out in contrast to charcoal and grey coloured coloured roads that you’re likely to see around your home. However, red is a much more conservative colour than Buff, and as a result it’s a colour that tends to blend into most surrounding areas far easier.

This means that if you want your coloured cement driveway to blend in with the larger neighbourhood, or if you have to get any changes made to your property approved by a homeowner’s association, red is a great colour to choose.


Grey is a great colour to choose for your coloured concrete driveway if you are looking for the most conservative choice. Not only does it blend in very well with the road system – which is mostly grey – but it will also complement your house. As a result, grey really is a great colour to choose for your driveway.


Your final choice for colours is charcoal. Charcoal is, like grey, an extremely conservative choice. A contemporary colour, charcoal will help to blend your driveway in with the wider road system. In turn, this gives your driveway a sense of ‘flowing’ out onto the road – which gives your driveway a very clean appearance.

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