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Five Ways to Revamp Your Patio Ready for Spring

12 Mar 2020

Having a new patio or modifying an existing design with Cobblecrete is the perfect way to usher in Spring in style!

Since 1992, we have been providing the finest driveways in Wolverhampton plus we also installing high-quality imprinted concrete paths and patios.

For our latest blog, we are going to share five ways you can give a garden patio a brand new look.

Revamping Garden Patios

Build a Firepit – A firepit on your patio is great for spring and summer evenings plus it will make it a more inviting space in colder months.

Grab a Seat – Quality outdoor seating will make your garden even more pleasant and relaxing to be in. For summer you can add some capacity ready for those regular barbeques, by adding wallings that can double as seating.

Unleash Your Creativity with Your Garden Path – Garden paths are a fantastic feature that can complement the focal point of your patio. Talk to Cobblecrete about what design you think will work best for your garden path and let your imagination run wild!
Our imprinted concrete designs can match the existing designs of your home or patio.

Add Some Privacy – It is great to relax in your garden and feel like you are not being observed. This is not always possible in urban gardens, but you can consider giving your patio area a feel of seclusion with large potted plants or putting up a trellis.
You can also consider easy growing hedge plants to add some greenery or if you want extra protection from the elements there is always a pergola.

Contemporary Design – If you are looking to modernise the look of your garden patio, look no further than our imprinted concrete designs. We can provide a design that will instantly revamp your patio and wow guests and neighbours alike.

Need More Inspiration? Get in Touch Now

If you need any more inspiration for your brand new garden patio, please contact us now with all of your questions.