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Your Guide to Cleaning Driveways in Wolverhampton

16 May 2022

Creating a regular cleaning schedule for concrete driveways in Wolverhampton from Cobblecrete is the best way to maintain their stunning looks.

We specialise in producing the finest pattern concrete driveways that are stain, sink and fade-free, saving our customers money long-term on repair work.

Five Essential Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your driveways is a therapeutic exercise, one perfect for summer days. To accomplish this, we recommend using a pressure washer for the best results. The high-pressure spray of water is released in a concentrated manner that removes all dirt and grime.

Here are our five cleaning tips for concrete driveways:

Preparation is Key

Before you start pressure washing, you should give your driveway a quick sweep with a bristled brush to get rid of loose debris. Next, make sure all unnecessary items, such as bins and planters, aren’t on the drive before you start. Cover your doors and windows with plastic sheeting or a tarp to protect them from dirt when you’re cleaning.

Degrease Surface Area

Now apply a degreaser across the surface of your concrete driveway. Then, you should rub the surface down with a bristled brush before using your pressure washer.

Prepare Your Pressure Washer

Firstly connect your washer’s pressure hose to a water source such as a garden tap. Your pressure washer will have different settings for certain tasks such as applying detergent, rinsing and high-pressure spray.

Washing Your Driveway

We’d recommend wearing safety gloves and old clothing in case of any splashes. Hold the washer between 10-15 inches from the surface and maintain a consistent distance.

Work in a symmetrical pattern and overlap each stroke by a couple of inches. Leave your detergent for around five minutes. This will give it enough time to soak into the surface.

Next, repeat the pattern with your washer using the high-pressure nozzle and make sure you rinse away detergent thoroughly.

Stay Dry

Finally, make sure your driveway is completely dry before allowing any vehicles onto it. This can take up to a day. However, normally, you’ll find that the process should take much less time during warmer weather.

Quality Driveways in Wolverhampton from Cobblecrete

Since 1992, Cobblecrete has been the leading installer of imprinted concrete driveways in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas. We provide a free measuring and home assessment service and guarantee to transfer the look of your exterior with one of our stunning driveway designs.

Cobblecrete has worked with a number of customers on domestic and commercial properties including airports, pub car parks and drive-throughs.

If you have any questions regarding installations and pattern designs, please get in touch today.