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Your Guide to Garden Patio Designs

01 Dec 2019

While Cobblecrete is renowned for providing the finest concrete driveways in Wolverhampton, did you know we also work on garden patios and paths?

If you have never considered having a specific design for your garden patio, we have got you covered with the finest designs in the West Midlands.

What are the Advantages of Concrete Garden Patios?

Here are some reasons that make pattern imprinted concrete patios the only choice –

• Totally weed-free and stain-resistant meaning you spend less time on maintenance

• Hard-wearing and weather-resistant, concrete is built to last

• Hassle-free installation from Cobblecrete, guaranteeing minimal disruption to the rest of your home

• Permanent colour and texture which means your patio won’t need re-painting or a fading texture

• Imprinted concrete patios won’t dislodge or sink, meaning you can forget all the problems you get with traditional flagging

• Choose your own colour to match your established architecture and home design

Choose Your Own Shape of Patio

Square or Rectangle – A simple and versatile shape that is chosen frequently by homeowners who host gatherings regularly for large numbers of people. Square or rectangle patios can also be used for outdoor seating areas or to complement garden decking.

Round or Circular – Giving your garden a smooth and rounded look, you can have a patterned design for your patio that provides a unique feature. You can also consider a round patio for an outdoor seating or dining area.

Bespoke Designs – We can design patios to any shape you desire, including multiple curves or sharp and jutting angles. A modernised patio design can highlight a relaxed and casual garden space.

Want to Know More? Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about garden patio designs from Cobblecrete, please get in touch and we will answer all of your queries. Don’t take our word for it though, check out our testimonials from customers.