Man trying to remove snow from under his car wheel.

Looking After Your Driveway This Winter

15 Dec 2022

Many people seem to skip the undesirable chore of cleaning their driveway. You think the amount of rainfall during a British winter would wash your driveway so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 

In fact, rainwater alone isn’t strong enough to properly clean your driveway. This being said, you may be asking, why bother properly cleaning your imprinted driveway? During the winter, your driveway can look quite dull from mud and all kinds of dirt hitting it plus you’ll want the entrance to your home to look as clean and as welcoming as possible.

How to Clean Your Imprinted Concrete Driveway?

Luckily, the process of cleaning your driveway isn’t as daunting as it sounds. If you have a pressure washer with a broom jet, power washing the whole area at low pressure will be enough to make it look brand new again. You can use a fungicide for a more aggressive washing if need be, just make sure to power wash with clean warm water after to wash away the dirt and let it dry. It’s also a satisfying feeling, that being watching all the dirt and grime be blasted away by the high power washer. 

We understand pressure washers can be expensive to purchase. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, hiring a pressure washer is a great alternative. Otherwise, a garden hose and a yard brush will do the trick, as long as you follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Move any vehicles and other objects 
  2. Sweep the driveway of any loose dirt.
  3. Rinse the surface with the garden hose.
  4. Apply a concrete cleaner or a mild detergent such as washing up liquid and use the yard brush to scrub any stubborn areas. 
  5. Rinse again and make sure to remove all the remaining soap before allowing it to naturally dry.

How to Reseal Your Driveway?

At Cobblecrete, we add a special sealant on top of our installed imprinted concrete driveways to cover the original concrete, keeping it protected from the outdoor elements and vehicle use.

The main benefit of regular cleaning is that harmful waste is removed that could penetrate through the sealant and damage the underneath surface. If you have an imprinted concrete driveway, make sure it’s resealed every 3 to 5 years for long-lasting protection. This can be done by completing the following steps:

  1. Apply a degreasing agent to remove oil spills or stains from vehicle use.
  2. Use a brush or paint roller to apply the sealer when the surface is dry. 
  3. Make sure the sealer does not gather in the imprinted joints and grooves.
  4. Apply several thin coats, one at a time with each coat sealing on top of each other.
  5. Leave the sealer to soak in and be absorbed into the concrete.
  6. Make sure to let it dry before applying the next coat. 
  7. When applying the final coat, add an anti-slip additive as the sealer can become slippery and dangerous to walk on.

We would recommend not using your driveway for a few days after resealing and parking your car outside somewhere else if possible. The best time to reseal your driveway is during moderate dry weather. If you can, try to ensure that your driveway will be dry for at least 24 hours after resealing.

Quality Concrete Driveways in Wolverhampton

If you’re considering a new driveway design, we install beautifully imprinted concrete driveway for our customers. If you require any of these services, look no further than Cobblecrete! If you have any questions about cleaning your imprinted concrete driveway or regarding our products, please contact us today.