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Myth Busting Facts

01 Sep 2021

Many people have now heard about printed concrete driveways, and more people have seen them and not realised just what they are. Those who have heard about them have also heard a range of myths surrounding this type of driveway. So we have pulled together a collection of information to help bust the most common myths.

They Crack Easy

A commonly heard myth is that if something is dropped on the driveway, it will crack easily. This is not the case. Our Cobblecrete driveways are created using printed concrete which has been reinforced with a combination of fibres means that any driveway laid by us should withstand high pressure and is less liable to cracking than standard concrete.

They Fade Quickly

We see many things around us that fade in the sun. From clothes to painted items and a wide range of other things. So it is a common misconception that a coloured driveway will also fade. This is not the case with our driveways. The colour is throughout the concrete, which helps to ensure that the colour is retained, even in the sunlight. Resealing regularly will also help to retain the colour. Visit our blog on resealing your driveway.

Weeds Can Break Through

In many patios, you can find that weeds breakthrough in between the slabs. Whereas the only gaps that are in Cobblecrete are the expansion lines that we cut in to prevent cracks. However, these lines are infilled with coloured silicone, which prevents any weeds from breaking through. The rest of the driveway is one concrete slab, which will stop all weeds.

They Stain Easily

In order for the surface of the concrete to stain, it needs to be porous. Driveways (and patios) from Cobblecrete are coated in a sealant which helps to prevent penetration. This myth stems from traditional driveways, which are not sealed, and older concrete driveways which often display stains.

If you are unsure of any other myths you have heard about Cobblecrete driveways, please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to discuss your concerns. Check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas and information for your driveway.