Concrete driveways in Wolverhampton

What You Need to Know About Concrete Driveway Installation

09 Jan 2020

Whether you are thinking of adding an imprinted concrete driveway or patio to your property, it’s important to know all about the installation process.

Here at Cobblecrete, we have a wealth of experience working on both domestic and commercial properties right across Wolverhampton.

Four Ways to Maintain Your Driveway

For our latest blog, we are going to share four points you need to consider when having a new concrete driveway.

1. Top Quality Print – Unlike concrete block paving and stone cobbles, fresh concrete is a perishable material that is regularly used by the construction industry. The reason for this is that when it is delivered as ready mixed concrete there is a limited time to lay it in the place and form required before it begins to set. You will need enough rigid mats to span the narrowest section of the driveway and a flexible mat used to access areas where a rigid mat would not fit.

2. Consistent Colour – Cobblecrete’s driveway installation team will always achieve a consistent colour for your imprinted concrete drive, as a patchy, inconsistent appearance won’t look great on your property.

3. Long Term Durability – The thickness, compaction and type of material used for the stone sub-base mixed with the integrity of the sub-grade (the ground below) is vital for long term durability of your driveway. Our range of concrete driveways is also built to last with only the best materials. This makes dealing with both vehicular and pedestrian traffic a straight-forward task.

4. Reduce Maintenance – There are two ways to help reduce maintenance on your concrete driveway. Using solvent-based acrylic sealant every three to five years after installed helps protect the surface. Alternatively, filling contraction joints with silicone will prevent the build-up of dirt and small stones. Stones can damage the cut edge of the concrete whereas dirt provides a base for weeds to grow.

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