Dark Blue Patio Driveway

Perfect Place For A BBQ

06 Jun 2021

The sun is shining (mostly), long nights are here, and we are able to have friends and family visit our gardens. So what better time to start having BBQs? There’s only one thing you need to consider, how appropriate is your patio for entertaining?

Cobblecrete For BBQs

When having a BBQ one of the biggest things to consider is the safety of you and your guests, not to mention your home and garden too. This means that the stability of the platform on which your BBQ sits is key.
We all know that over time a slabbed patio starts to wiggle and wobble, so while it’s a lovely flat surface to start with, over time the stability decreases. With Cobblecrete patios, the stability remains, whether it was installed 25 years ago or 25 days ago.
Some of our Cobblecrete patterns have more of a raised shape and pattern to them. If you are looking for a dedicated space for your BBQ, just speak to a member of our team and we can look at incorporating this into your patio, allowing you the security of having the best base for your BBQ. Alternatively, speak to our team about the shallowest patterns we offer.
Another concern with BBQs is the risk of embers hitting the floor around the BBQ. If you have decking, there is always the possibility, especially after dry hot weather, that this may just catch. While you would be extremely unlucky, it has been known to happen. With Cobblecrete, the protective surface layer helps to protect your patio from the effects of embers or even small flames.

Cobblecrete For Guests

At family gatherings or even friends gatherings, people tend to wander around, meaning that your patio will see more use over those few hours than it might do all month (or in some cases all year). So you will want to ensure that whichever patio you have installed will be hardwearing and stable enough to withstand excessive use.
Cobblecrete patios are designed and laid using the exact same techniques as our driveways. This means that they are created with excessive use and heavy weights over extended periods of time. Making them the perfect platform for a patio!

Cobblecrete For Design

Patios and decking don’t always give you the satisfaction of showing off your own personal style. With many patios coming in either a basic concrete grey or a sandy coloured slabbing. The great thing about Cobblecrete is that you can choose a colour from our wide selection that can help to bring your personality and style out into the garden. Or you can opt for a colour that blends into the garden.
Along with choosing the right colour for your space, you can also choose the perfect pattern. From sweeping waves to match a more rounded garden, to a cobbled street effect to match older housing and vintage style gardens, there are plenty of choices to suit you.

For more information on Cobblecrete patios Wolverhampton, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to help you. You can also check out our gallery for a range of images of our work.