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Do I Need Planning Permission to Pave over My Garden?

25 Apr 2022

If you are considering paving over part of your garden for a new concrete driveway it is important to know if you need planning permission. This can save you a lot of money and hassle if it turns out that you do need one but you elected to build without one. 

For our latest blog, we are going to explain the scenarios where you will and won’t need planning permission.

Understanding Planning Permission Rules for Driveways

The rules for driveways are relatively simple, regardless of whether they are simple, imprinted concrete driveways, or coloured concrete driveways. 

You won’t need planning permission if a new or replacement driveway (of any size) uses permeable or porous surfacing that allows water to drain through. These include gravel, concrete block paving or porous asphalt. This rule also doesn’t apply if rainwater is directed towards a lawn or border to drain naturally.

In contrast, if the potential driveway you’re planning to lay (regardless of the size) is impermeable, planning permission will be required.

Exceptions To This Rule

The permitted development allowances apply to houses only. They do not apply to the following:

  • Flats and maisonettes
  • Converted houses or houses created through the permitted development right to change use
  • Areas where there may be a planning condition, Article 4 Direction or other restriction which limits permitted development rights

Please note these rules only cover your front garden with any other work, such as fences, walls, gates, dropped kerbs possibly requiring planning permission. Rules are also different for concrete patios and driveways that are not part of your front garden.

Dropped Kerbs 

With regards to dropping kerbs, you will need to obtain permission from the local council to drop kerbs and pavement that require strengthening for new access into a garden across a footpath. This protects any services buried in the grounds such as water pipes.

If you do require planning  permission for your installation, cobblecrete will request it on your behalf. There’s no need to worry.

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