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Flexible Patio Design from Cobblecrete

15 Apr 2019

Specialists from Cobblecrete can create modern and eye catching patio designs that will suit any style of property.
Patios have a variety of uses including dining, entertaining, relaxing or playing. When deciding what style you want it’s important to balance your landscaping goals with your functional needs.

Here are some shapes of patio to consider –

Square or Rectangle – Considered a simple and versatile option, this shape of patio is chosen frequently by homeowners who regularly host gatherings for large numbers of people. You can also use this as an outdoor seating area or to complement decking in your garden
Round or Circular – Give your garden a smooth and rounded look, you can attach your patterned patio to your home or install elsewhere in your garden as a unique feature. Round patios are popular as outdoor dining areas or for seating
Bespoke shape – Patios can actually be designed to any custom shape, including multiple curves or sharp and jutting angles if that’s your preference. Highlighting a modernised patio design, they can be a more relaxed and casual space

Knowing the purpose of your patio will help dictate the size you require; but you can talk to the Cobblecrete team and we can advise on which shape and size will suit your garden and design ideas.

  • You won’t require planning permission for any size of patio design providing:
  • They are created within your current land and doesn’t include a field or other open land next to your home
    Your patio doesn’t exceed 40cm in height, above or below the existing ground level

Cobblecrete Create Incredible Patio Designs

For over 25 years Cobblecrete has been providing the finest patio designs for Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.
If you’d like to find out more about our patterned concrete patios, please contact us and we can answer any questions you’ve got.