Should I Resurface My Driveway?

22 Feb 2023

Your driveway is used multiple times a day. From leaving for work most mornings to coming home in the evenings. Over time, this can put your driveaway under a lot of stress. Let’s not forget the effect of heavy rainfall, frost, and UV sun damage. In this article, we will take you through the signs your driveway needs resurfacing and why you should consider an imprinted concrete driveway. Continue reading to learn more.

Signs Your Driveway Needs Resurfacing

The average driveway can last a minimum of 20 years before it starts to show signs of ageing. As mentioned, homeowners use their driveways multiple times a day. Still, the only time homeowners seem to take a closer look at their driveway is when they are power washing it, often once or twice a year. If you notice the following ageing signs, your driveway might be in need of some TLC and require resurfacing. 

Poor Drainage 

When a driveway is installed, it generally comes with a drainage system to prevent flooding. This is why driveways are generally sloped. When your drainage system fails, excessive amounts of water can pool in areas of your driveway. Standing water can also cause algae to grow on your driveway, making it look dirty and slippery. Not only does this look unattractive, it can lead to further problems such as cracks and potholes.


When cracks begin to show on the surface, generally this isn’t a good sign. There are many reasons for cracks on your driveway such as wear and tear, tree root growth, excessive weight on a regular basis, and poor installation. Small cracks don’t seem like a minor problem. However, they can become greater in width and depth, affecting your driveway’s durability. Filling in the crack with a sealer may be a temporary fix but it doesn’t prevent future cracks developing.


Potholes are generally seen on busy roads but can also be found on driveways. When water seeps into small cracks, then freezes and thaws repeatedly, this can expand the crack. The pressure of vehicles makes the surface weaker and eventually breaks down to form a pothole. 

Putting off fixing potholes only makes the problem worse. Many homeowners fill in the potholes themselves with gravel. This solution does patch up the pothole but it can leave the surface rough and uneven. Nasty potholes and uneven ground create an unpleasant driveway experience and it can cause suspension and tyre problems for your vehicle.


If your coloured driveway looks dull and dreary, this is another sign your driveway needs resurfacing. Coloured driveways begin to fade where vehicles are often parked and where the tyres of vehicles meet the ground while entering and exiting the property. This can leave permanent faded marks along the driveway. A dull driveway decreases your curb appeal. 


Along with cracks and dullness, the growth of weeds is a sign the foundation underneath your driveway is too old or damaged. Weeds can peek through cracks along the sides or in the middle of your driveway. Similar to dullness, the appearance of weeds can further decrease your curb appeal.

Get Your Driveway Resurfaced With Cobblecrete

Have you spotted any of these signs on your driveway? If so, it’s always best and recommended to have it properly fixed sooner rather than later. In spite of that, your driveway doesn’t have to be showing signs. You may want to refresh or change your driveway to a different colour or pattern.

At Cobblecrete, we provide high-quality imprinted concrete resurfacing. Choose from a mixture of different colours for a truly bespoke result. Our imprinted concrete driveways are low-maintenance, easy clean, UV stable, and monolithic (laid as one slab), this will minimise the risks of cracks and weeds. Once installed, a colour surface hardener can be applied to make it more durable and a sealant protects the original concrete from extreme weather conditions and vehicle use.

For further information on imprinted concrete driveways in Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth, and surrounding areas, please get in touch with us.