Step It Up

06 Jul 2021

Here at Cobblecrete Wolverhampton, we specialise in coloured, stamped concrete driveways. But this doesn’t mean that we are limited to entirely flat driveway surfaces. After all, you want your steps to match your driveway.

Stepping Up

Many of our customers have a couple of our steps up to their house from their driveway. It would look somewhat odd if we didn’t get these to match!
When it comes to steps, a number of people want them to stand out slightly. There are two ways we can do this. Firstly, we can frame your step in bricks of another colour and keep your main step the same as your driveway. Alternatively, we can do the complete step in an alternative colour.

More Steps

Not all driveways have just one or two steps. Some have a complete set of steps accompanying them. In which case, you will want them to look just as smart as the rest of your driveway. The team at Cobblecrete will help turn your steps into just as stunning a creation as the rest of your driveway.
The coating that is used on top of the concrete has been designed to be non-slip. This means that you can rest assured that your steps will be safe to use, even in the rain. Unlike many other driveway surfaces that are available.


The hardwearing, coloured patterns don’t have to stop at your driveway. For many people, their driveway extends into pathways and even patios. This usually includes down the side of your house and into your garden. If this is the case, you can continue your colour and design right the way through, ensuring that everything matches and is just as colourful and sturdy as the rest of your outdoor spaces.

Made To Last

Whether you are stopping at the driveway, adding some steps, or extending into your garden, Cobblecrete has been designed to last. With a lifespan expected of at least 25 years, you can rest easy in the knowledge that very little work will be required. And no weeding! Check out our blog on resealing your driveway for more information on the maintenance that will be required.

For more information on having steps from Cobblecrete Wolverhampton, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. Check out our gallery for images across a number of our previous installations.