Cobbled Driveways

What are Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways?

11 Jan 2021

Pattern imprinted concrete (sometimes referred to as stamped concrete) is now regularly used for driveways by providers such as Cobblecrete.

Instead of using individual blocks to create a finished surface, a layer of concrete is poured on a suitable sub-base. Colour of your choice is then applied with a colour hardener.

To create the desired finished effect, a patterned matt is applied to the wet concrete. You have plenty of design choices, which you can browse in our Driveway Pattern Guide. Rest assured any of our patterns will give your drive a more appealing finish.

What are the Advantages of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways?

Efficiency – The installation of a patterned concrete driveway by Cobblecrete allows us to cover larger areas much faster.

Weed and Moss – Unlike other types of driveway, concrete driveways offer fewer opportunities for weeds or moss to take hold. While this kind of unwanted greenery could appear between crack control joints over time it will not require as much weed-killing as block paving driveways.

Strength and Integrity – The solid fibre mesh reinforced concrete base that is laid on top of the appropriate sub-base means your driveway is unlikely to suffer from any movement or sinking.

Get a Unique Appearance – With pattern imprinted concrete, you get the appearance of natural products such as stone, cobbles, brick, slate or tile using a wide range of patterns and colour finishes. The added bonus is that it comes at a fraction of the cost with a faster installation time.

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