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Why a Patterned Concrete Patio is Perfect For Summer 2022

05 Jul 2022

Summer is the time of year for getting out there, for long nights spent out in the garden, and for enjoying yourself with friends and family. Because of that, summer is the perfect time of year to have a patio or concrete driveway installed in your home.

In this article from Cobblecrete, we’ll be going through the top reasons why a patterned concrete patio is perfect for summer 2022. 

They’re Classic 

The first reason why you should be considering a patterned concrete patio is that they’re simply classic. For over one hundred years, people have been using concrete for manufacturing surfaces to last. Concrete is a tried and true product. So it makes perfect sense to use it to manufacture your driveway.

What’s more, thanks to Cobblecrete’s unique design and bespoke manufacturing process, our concrete patios and driveways can be manufactured in many different colours – including red, charcoal and grey. This means you can make your concrete patio look as modern as you want it to be. 

Cleaning is a Dream

A lot of people love gardening. They love spending hours outside, washing every nook and cranny of their house with a wire brush. But for everyone with the time to spend hours outside in the garden, there are just as many people who don’t have the time to do that. 

These people want to be able to clean their imprinted concrete driveway or patio quickly and without much fuss. For those people, Cobblecrete’s range of pattern imprinted concrete driveways is perfect. 

It’s easy as pie to clean one of Cobblecrete’s pattern-imprinted driveways. All you have to do is spray it with a pressure washer or similar high-pressure hose. It’s really that easy. 

Weed Proof

Cleaning a driveway is only one part of patio maintenance that you’d have to do with a traditional block paved driveway or tarmac driveways. Over time, you’ll find weeds and other intrusive plants pushing their way up through the surface. These intrusive plants push through the surface, creating cracks in the surface and ultimately damaging the entire surface.

Concrete, however, is resistant to weed intrusion thanks to its durability. As a result, you don’t have to worry about plants pushing their way up through the surface of the concrete. In the short term, this means your driveway will look fantastic year on year. In the long term, this means that your concrete driveway will look just like new long after any tarmac or natural stone driveways will.

They’re perfect for Winter, Too. 

The final reason why you should be considering a patterned concrete patio during the summer is that it’s perfect for winter, too. Chiefly, this is owing to the safety benefits associated with patterned concrete. 

Thanks to the canyoned design of the patterned concrete patio, it’s highly unlikely that rain will be able to pool and create a hazard when it freezes. Instead, the rainwater will flow into the cracks between the ‘stones’ and leave most of the driveway dry. As a result, you don’t have to worry about slipping up on the ice. 

Because of this safety benefit, combined with the fact that patterned imprinted concrete looks fantastic no matter the season, we’re very confident when we say that concrete was definitely the best material for the job. 

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