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Why Concrete Driveways Work All Year Round

29 Jun 2022

It’s fair to say we believe in what we do here at Cobblecrete. We believe that our driveways look fantastic, and we also believe that our designs are some of the best available in the Midlands. 

Another thing we believe wholeheartedly in is the fact that our driveways work all year round – something that you can’t say with a resin or asphalt driveway. In this latest blog article from Cobblecrete, we’ll be going over some of the reasons why our concrete driveways look great year-long. 


Autumn is a fantastic time of the year because it’s actually two times in the year. The first half of autumn is the post-summertime – when it’s still a little warm at night and you can still go out at night without a thick coat. The second time of year comes next, and it’s the time when the world is preparing for summer. The days start to slowly shrink and where the sun feels distant. 

Between these two times of the year is the falling of the leaves. This event looks very beautiful, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that they cause a lot of mess when they’ve finished falling. What’s more, if they fall on certain surfaces, they can be very difficult to clean up without disturbing the surface or damaging it.  

Thankfully, our durable concrete driveways make cleaning up these leaves a breeze. Whether you’re looking to use a brush or a rake, you’ll have no problem collecting those pesky leaves quickly and without issues As its a single solid piece, the surface can’t be disturbed in the same way that gravel can, And because it’s a very hard material, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to cause significant aesthetic damage using a rake and brush. 


Winter is a dark season, when an early sunset and a late sunrise mean that there isn’t much light, even at the best of times. In winter, black tarmac and asphalt look dull at their best. At their worst, black tarmac and asphalt look downright depressing.

In contrast, bright concrete-like CobbleCrete – manages to capture and reflect a lot of light. This means concrete driveways give you that little bit more visibility. 


With winter nearly over, it’s natural to start to look towards the summer and warmer days. We start to look towards the sun a little more and start to become impatient. Every day that it’s not summer we become a little more discouraged. It’s almost as if we become impatient, like little children waiting for the summer holidays.

Luckily, concrete has this fantastic property whereby it will absorb thermal energy from the sun and release it very slowly –  meaning that it stays warm for just that little bit farther. It’s properties like this that make the wait just that little bit easier. 


Summer is the best season, hands down. Not only do you get long days, warm nights, and a positive outlook, but it also allows you to take advantage of the benefits of having a concrete driveway. For one, the bright colours and heat-retaining properties of the concrete material help to take that summer ambience to the next level. But that’s not all. 

For those of you with lawns next to your dwellings – lawns which need cutting during the summertime – you know the annoyance that is removing cut grass from the hot tarmac. In contrast, picking up cut grass on a concrete surface is not any harder than it is cutting the grass in the first place. In fact, with a good brush, it’s probably much easier!  

Concrete Print Driveway in Birmingham

For over ten years Cobblecrete has been manufacturing and laying high-quality concrete driveways in Wightwick, Stafford, Birmingham, and Bridgnorth, as well as other locales in the West Midlands. Our imprinted concrete driveways or patios are valued for their durability and their ability to retain their rich colour year-long. 

For more information about our range of pattern imprinted concrete driveways in Codsall, Stafford and Birmingham, contact Cobblecrete today.