coloured print driveway

Why You Should Pick a Coloured Driveway

04 Nov 2022

A driveway isn’t just the entrance and exit to a property or home. It’s the first part you enter before opening the door to your new home. It’s where your children learned to ride their bikes and where they left for school every morning. Pulling up to your driveway gate is like an open pair of arms welcoming you home after a busy or stressful day at work and saying “home sweet home” to yourself.

Are you bored with your current driveway and looking for a change? In this article, we’ll discuss why you should consider a coloured driveway and what we offer here at Cobblecrete. Hopefully, this article will give you some inspiration if you are thinking of undergoing a driveway transformation.

Benefits of Coloured Driveways

Adds Brightens and Colour

Unlike shades of grey that can look plain and dull, our coloured concrete adds a brightening effect and vibrancy to the front of your home and makes your property stand out from the crowd – in this case, your street or neighbourhood.

Increases Value

A well-presented driveway is a good investment and adds significant value to your home or property. If you decide to sell and put it on the market in the future, our beautiful imprinted concrete driveways will be sure to turn heads, attract potential buyers, and make a quick sale.

Low-Maintenance and Durable

Concrete driveways are extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. There’s no need to worry about buying expensive cleaning products or third-party services.  All that is needed is a deep power wash using a pressure washer once or twice a year. Its ability to tolerate all weather conditions makes it durable too, lasting you a lifetime!

And, that’s only a few benefits…

Designs & Colours for Concrete Driveways

When deciding on the right design for your new driveway, many factors can influence it. These can vary from personal options, location, drainage, type of soil, exterior style, cultural influences and more.

Here are some of the different colours to choose from to Cobblecrete:

  • Buff – Also known as marigold, or gold. Buff has a hint of yellow tones, appears bright and can be used for highlighting a design on your driveway. If you’re a fan of The Wizard of Oz, it looks similar to the yellow brick road!
  • Red –  can be used as the primary colour or goes well together with other colours as edging. This adds a sense of definition and a pop of colour to your driveway. Making it completely different from your neighbours.
  • Charcoal – A charcoal black patterned driveway gives a modern and timeless look to any setting. This colour can be used as edging to outline and add contrast to your design.
  • Grey – Most popular choice, greys or earth-toned colours are classic and traditional. Complement your design by matching it with other features of your home such as your garden patio.

Concrete Driveways at Cobblecrete

For 30 years, Cobblecrete have manufactured and laid down high-quality concrete driveways in Wightwick, Stafford, Bridgnorth, and other locations in the West Midlands. 

During the process, we use a coloured surface hardener and we can mix up different colours for a truly unique result. View our driveway gallery to read more about our process and see some transforming results yourself! Our bespoke concrete driveways, patios and paths are known for their longevity and ability to keep their vibrant colour all year around.

So, if you’re looking to start your driveway transformation or want to learn more information about our imprinted concrete driveways, please get in touch with Cobblecrete today.